Blogging and more ...

"Blogging" is not a so recent phenomena as it seems, though the word was indeed coined very recently. There have been many websites in the past which have been maintained as a means of posting daily comments/random thoughts/diary writing -- one of my favorites was THE site for OpenGL tutorials -- The author not only gave sound advice on technical aspects of the subject (being into Computer Graphics and 3D, a matter quite close to my heart), but also kept a log of his everyday activities, both personal and professional. The site is going strong as of now, and has developed into the place to look into if you are new to the realm of 3D graphics in general, and OpenGl in particular. The official openGL site ( also maintains a link to nehe (stands for Neon-Helium).

So the million-dollar-question remains -- WHY do we blog? why this need to make our voice heard (You are not even sure if it would be actually heard - what if no one reads your blogs?). What is "that" definitive quality about blogs that make them so appealing? I guess one thing you cannot get out of a news site is the 'personality' of the writer. Blogs do make the "person inside the individual" accessible to the millions of "blogees" ( I am a bloger -- you are a blogee, one that's being bloged on :) ) worldwide. And hey, didn't your kid sibling sneak in and read out your diary to their friends sometime :) . I think the more important aspect here is the instant visibility to billions. I would not be wrong to think that soon we would have an entire 'blog-publishing' businesses sprouting like May flowers. Already, several blogs command a fantastic fan following ( My fav: The blog of Darth Vader - or ) and it would not be long before authors realise that they could actually make money by releasing their content over blogs and supplement that with paid-per-view ads (They would certainly make more than the publisher pays them anyway!). Any takers for this blog?

Then there are blogs and there are blogs .. but a discerning eye knows what to look for :). So surf around and send me stuff that you find interesting :).