After a long hiatus

Yeah yeah yeah, I admit it !!!

I am not a fullblown, caffiene addicted, night oil burning compulsive blogger as yet, and this post comes almost 2 weeks after my last. Scouting the net to look at fellow bloggers, I am still surprised to see a post just 2 lines long, which concludes by saying "This is the worst post ever" :) !! At the same time, I am absolutely amazed at how some people (like Ashok Banker) manage to write interesting stuff everyday !! I recommend his blog to everybody who wants to have something thought-provoking to read ..

Most of my last 2 weeks were spent in trying to get a rag-tag team of hobbyists together to write a PC game on the first two books in Ashok's Ramayana series. Managed to draw a couple of more interested people and I think we are ready to draft in some part, what the game should look like.. This surely is an interesting project for me personally and I hope to make the most of it !!

I think thats all for today, I will out-of-bloffice (blog-office) for the weekend -- going out on a camping trip with my wife .. Will fill you on the details later.