On Longing ...

An absolute gem from the album "Jiya Lage Na..", composed by Kedar Pandit, penned by Vaibhav Joshi, and sung by Shankar Mahadevan. Below is my attempt to translate the original into English.

Din Jaye Re - Shankar Mahadevan

(Loose) English Translation - Pushpak Karnick

The day speeds by,
And the night lingers.
A lonely falling star,
Beckons from afar    || R ||

Some moments lost from us,
Like an evanascent memory, 
Fall from the heavens,
An incessant downpour

As a drop of water 
That escapes from the low hanging clouds
And meets at the crossroads 
Upon the eyelids 

The paths that turned away,
The sighs that burned away,
Now drenched ….   || 1 ||


A fragile moment, like a full moon
Refuses to set 
And yet, looks at the sweltering day
In the eye

The Mogara boughs heaving with blossoms
Their breath, frozen 
The Ages bygone, lapping at their roots,
Wasted, they lie

A shadow, that strayed behind
Now calls into my mind
Your name …        || 2 ||